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In an out of jail sale 7 thinking real deep 
Bout my life how I'm living gotta feel me 
Young nigga tryna make it to the very top 
But my chances gettin low cus I carry glocks 
That ah pop at cha top if u violate 
Get one more conviction I'll be going upstate 
MAma told me gotta stop so I hit them brakes 
Before my life be all gone fuckin wit them jakes 
Niggas know how I ride wit them made men 
Every night I say ah prayer wit a amen  
8 men at cha house that's 59 Deep 
So much be going tru my mine I can't even sleep 
Mine weak 
Cus I'm blowin on that purple urcle 
I just hope my dudes ah 100 in this small circle 
Cus niggas hate to see u shine wen u on ya grind I'm 50 50 ima keep on fuckin tryin 
Life's ah bitch an thats point blank period 
Everytime I fuck up she on ha period 
Niggas curious 
Wanna see my down fall 
But I'm serious ima get that crown dawg 
I'm from where they choppin bricks like some fucking logs
Were the young niggas killin quick ta get involved 
Talking murder 
Shit u Neva hearda 
Ain't shit goin so u gotta be a server
Gettin caught up in them streets ain't the right rode 
Put a price on ya head an u gettin sold 
Old head told me gotta play my cards right 
Cus ya future lookig bright then it's out of sight 
If I get that 3rd strike won't be nothin nice 
So I aint tryna carry jerms like ah piece ah ice 
If I do man I'ma feel sick inside 
But ima always get them glocks wen I'm bouta ride 

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