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Coming up as an aspiring artist, I came across a lot of trials and tribs. I dealt with some men trying to me on the back burner, not producing beats , not letting me do my thing basically. They just sat me to the side and used my style of rap and my style of performance! If you listen to me back in the day and even now, you will think to yourself either, I didn't write this shit myself and/or this shit is not coming from a female! So with all the frustration and prolonging on behalf of the dudes I was waiting on, I built my own studio, started my own production company and started learning to make beats on my own although my cousin O'scheme, the hottest male rapper out of Indy, taught me the basics of Reasons 4.0, I've taking my basic knowledge to an whole nutha' level! Thats why at first I called my beats: Definate-Beatz and today Its now: SkitzoFrenik Beatz! THE MOST CONTROVERSIAL FEMALE RAP ARTIST POINT BLANK DOT!