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Quota, the one man band, phenomenon, recongnized for his rapid fire punchlines, spitting the type of heat that give firemen nightmares.From radio freestyles to recording sessions, he's established a name for himself through the use of graphic lyrics relevant to the street issues that many relate too.Even when outside of the boothe, Quota remains in the lab producing tracks for the innercircle of talent that surrounds him. Throughout his career, he has had the opportunity to work with artist such as Lord Infamous,Concrete Stang, Santerria, Kenny Kane & Able Wayne and several other artist as well. Playing both sides of the field, his toughest decision is deciding which beats to sell, and which ones to keep for himself. With engineering lessons from the super producer Enigma, Quota will soon be able to place his entire career in the hands of his own learning every workstation in a studio.Contact the prison guards, cause the boy out the gate. Listen to the sounds of the New Memphis Movement thats about to take over. ......