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I am who i am & I am priscilla L. harris out of woonsocket ri... HUGEEE MMG fan meek millyy allday .. believe that .. aint no groupie lover i just feel his lyrics straight too the chest like a heart attack ..
ive seen north philly & experince the roughness of life thea.. make it up out the hood alive yu lucky but too make it up that hood alive & shinning... niggaz gonna hate & be gunning... meeek says FUCK it he dont owe them niggas SHIT.. & i can digg it.
follow me on twitter @pLOCkeepsit100
thats what i do .. im a real person nothing yu not too like about ME besides the fact ill tell yu the truth in a heart beat................
& WE all no .. nobody likes hearn the truth lol sooo thats wea i get my haters from.. anything else feel free too look me up on twitter or fb .. i follow @meekmillz & most DEFF likedd on fb .. much <3 mmg fans

p.S i gets busyy $$$$$ money team allday

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