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Manda_So_Badd xO

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Manda_So_Badd xO
United States
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The name is Amanda but i rather prefer Manda and i only answer to Manda.Born on July 29 which means i'm 20 yrs old and makes a beautiful leo i love to laugh a lot i'm very friendly also outgoing.I'm sarcastic all the time love to hang out,party,or whatever that comes to mind lolss i giggle a lot very shy but outspoken i keep it real and i don't hold my toung e for nobody " i say what i got to say" that's a fact.My fave two colors is red & pink,music is my lifee i have over 1,000 songs on my itunes soo that's how you know music is my life.I love to sing i didn't know i have such an amazing voice but my number one fave thing to do besides singing is DANCINGG i love to dance.I can possibly say i'm unique in my very own way but i don't give a f*ck i LOVE it lol.I'm mixed with a lot of different nationalities oh did i forget to mention that im loud yes iam a very loud person lolss but i really don't care of course.Well that's all about me i guess if you want to know more about me or get to know me just ask for my twitter or facebook hehe bye byee =].
Manda_So_Badd xO