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Do you the sleeveless or sleeved wedding dresses are better<p> <p>Sleeveless wedding dresses do not always look good on every single women you see unless they have a model figure with good upper body and arm toning <a href=>sweetheart ball gown wedding dresses</a> . Most people I know do not wear sleeveless clothing fashions any other time of the year, so they feel uncomfortable being bare up top. <p>There is not a "trend" for sleeved wedding gowns. But there will be now, since the royal wedding. <p>As a seamstress who designs wedding gowns, I hear all of the time how brides just want to have sleeves on their dresses but cannot find many ready made choices. Not even long sleeves, just any type of sleeve so their shoulders are covered and they do not have to worry about their dresses scooting down so they have to tug on their dresses all day long to pull them up. Especially for women with bigger bust lines, those strapless dresses are a nightmare and the undergarments are uncomfortable just to keep their breasts in line. <p>So, many brides will be super happy to see dresses with sleeves, which means the shoulders will be covered, as they wish. <p>I think it all comes down to the time of year you are getting married. <a href=>after prom party dresses</a> Traditionally all royal brides cover up with sleeves on the dresses as they are expected to cover up in church. The duchess of Cambridge wore sleeves also for a cold April wedding, we would expect it to be cold and raining this time of year, and the Abbey will also be cold. <p>If the wedding is in summer, I`d suggest either no sleeves or lace sleeves as you will be too hot otherwise. In winter I suggest sleeves or a nice little jacket. <p>I had no sleeves in July but I had lace straps, so I didn`t have to wonder about the dress falling down. <p>It depends on the bride. Wedding dresses are <a href=>bolero jackets for evening dresses</a> mostly strapless because that what tends to look better on most people. I wanted sleeves originally but found that strapless was more flattering. <p>It also depends on the time of year you are getting married. I am getting married in late August in a hot, humid European country, so sleeves probably would have been much more uncomfortable. <p>Also, if you ever watched Say Yes to the Dress, you know that sleeves seriously inhibit people motion, so you have a harder time dancing if you got sleeves. Wedding dresses are not really designed for comfort and utility!<p>Strapless bridal gowns just happen to be in style right now. My sister got married 12 years ago and back then, gowns with sleeves were in style. Regardless, my family church does not let brides marry in strapless gowns. My sister would not have been able to wear a strapless dress. However, since she married a minister, I doubt that she would have anyway even if the church did allow it. <p>My fiancee is considering only strapless gowns but we are getting married at our reception venue and not a church anyway. <p>It depends on the season and your personal tastes. For example, I wouldn be able to tolerate wearing long sleeves (like Kate Middleton did) for our summer wedding in NYC. It would be too uncomforable. <a href=>short white cocktail dresses</a> I am also not a fan of lace. too itchy! When I went dress shopping, I didn want a strapless dress because I didn think that it would stay up. I fell in love with one that happens to be strapless which my sister found for me at the store. This is the one that I ended up buying. With this said, have your options open because you may never know.