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I Love MeekMill_I Bleed Philly

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I Love MeekMill_I Bleed Philly
United States
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I Anit No Killer But Dnt Push Me ! I Go By The Name Murdaa Dnt Ask Me How I Got It , I Dnt Play Wit Nobody Nor Mess Wit Nobody I Stay To Myself At All Time'ss , If Yu Have A Problem Than I'll Solve It ! I Say Wht I Want B/c I Spit It , Im 16 I Dnt Fall For Nobody Shit Nor Gave A Fuckk About Anybody'ss Feelin'ss . Im Ridein Wit Meek Til The Death Of Me R/s Tho , I Been Listen To Meek Since Elmentary School ( 5th Grade ) ! I Knw A Lot About Him . . . His Struggle'ss In The Street All Tht . My Father Died When I Was Six He Got Shot 9 Time's Wit Ah Machine Gun . Shitt I Wnna Kill The Nigga Tht Did It Real Bad ! But Tht'ss Ah Nuff About Me . . . .
I Love MeekMill_I Bleed Philly