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Yo, whats goin on Its the bol nite. Little bit about myself, I was born in North Philly, lived out west for a minute then moved uptown 21st n Chelton till the age of 10. After that I moved down south to GA so I like to say i got the best of both worlds. Moved around most of my life so of course philly where the heart is but i got love for everywhere. Always had an ear for music, alot of musicians in my fam (brothers, sisters, g pop, etc) so that made me want to start rapping at the age of 14 around the time rap battlin was heavy. Got my skills up, did a few songs but left it alone for a few years. I learned about this bol named Meek Mill from Philly when i was 16. Pulled him up on youtube and been watchin him build his career ever since. Real rap that shit gave me motivation to start writing again. I think if i make ill be one of the greatest MC's to ever do it. Yo niggas love hatin but fuck dat big up to the bol meek for doin his thing and showin niggas like me it is a path in this shit u just gotta strive. Ill see you in a few years nigga! Philly, GA Stand up!