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  • Thug life....
  • Riders view.... #nofear
  • Naaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrpppppppppppp!
  • I almost drown myself every night "in tears of rage" thinking about being on top!
  • One time 4 my dawg @louwillville 6man in the six!
  • We see you83dc40 lol
  • I shoulda gave my sister some money but I made it rain .... I shoulda hit the crib with my son and played the game but instead I ended up in Atlanta chasing change ....its a saying saying when you make money it make you change! #gettinitrighttho
  • Ain't no telling where my mind at? 83de3083de2a83de0d83de0983de2d83de0f83de24
  • Ball on them ..... Cuz they gone ball on you!