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  • Tryna break the casino!
  • We was on the floor freestyling over whatever bullshit music pacquiao came out to... I was going in too 83de0283de0283de02
  • Let's get it!!!!!!
  • Never wanna see a champion lose! This was history!
  • Tonight! S/O @ mrfaregame @ mobetta_mochedda @mrculture ..... Tonight please let's not have a million men Tryna b around us! I couldn't even make it to the stage last night because of a million men on stage! But it's Saturday let's make a movie @djdrama
  • It's going down tonight celebrating my birthday early!!!! #bthere on my way! WE LIGHTING VEGAS UP!!!!!! Pretty ladies and young bosses!!!!
  • Ciroc lifestyle all weekend! #cirocboyz #dreamchasers we don't touch that other stuff! Drink responsible .... Live life.... Have fun and let America know our culture can have a good time without the dumb stuff!
  • In stores today!!!!
  • New #pumas dropped today! #designedbyme fiya!!