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  • Every hitta on this jet wit me I then went to war for em or I used to trap wit em "real shit" #chasers @deendcr @pmon215 #ondaphonewitsupe #talkingmoney
  • lil niggaz but we'll knock down ya big homie! #straightcash #imbacknow #dreamchasers #prayalotitworks
  • New Orleans action!
  • I need the whole New Orleans in the building tonight! Big spenders and bad bishes! #dreamchasers X #Neworleans let get it!
  • The album tracklist done finally83de4c83de4c83de4c83de4c83de4c83de4c83de4c83de4c83cf8983cf8a83cf8883cf8983cf8a83dd2e83dcfb83dd0a83dcc083dcb083cf7983cf7883dcaf✔e0f83dd6283de4f✨83cf1f83dcab83dca583dd2583dd25 #DWMTM
  • When you getting money! The apples even rolls Royce 83de2d83de2d83de0283de0283de0283de0283de02
  • We lighting New Orleans up tomar! My birthday party.. come turn up with me and lets ball out!!
  • New Orleans w
  • And bust dat p#%sy open on the islands of Waikikiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii