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And I wont stop til I get it all!

6am working .....the nights the fans can't see! Thank god for da gram!

Made man also known as Papi chulo!

Blessed by the best!!!!!

At da same damn time!!!!

We in dis bitchhhh!!!!

Young and we gettin it!! @kyfinis859 @djsamsneak @jahlilbeats

B4 I got on I was in front of the club drunk arguing wit Lambo dev and leek(swp)r.i.p how I was gone put them foreigns in da hood! Somebody heard me!!! Lol

These niggas can't hold me back....I kno wat u gone say....he going broke...don't spend all ya money stfu and get you some!!!!! #richforever

I need 2 see it...need 2 smell it...motivation