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This the favor we did em!!! Lol @pmon215

He was sleep in da club so we helped him out!!! Lol @pmon215

Young and we living! @louwillville @louievgutta & woodgie!

Every night....but every body can't handle this life....don't let da lights blind you from gettin ya bizness done!!!

We nice on dem skates! @pmon215 @omelly lol where @smoove18c @nif_18c @rome20c @mel215 @cuse3 @geezy18c

It really hurt me wen they killed shaddy I was locked up in my cell shit I had 2 read about!

I'm fuckin wit my nigga tonight! @louwillville

We da type of niggas get real cash u da type 2 get killed fast! Young and I'm gettin it!! Lol

Lazy hoes gone hate it....the hustling women gone love it!

#bamboo was live!