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Wrongo Jomo

  • Posted on July 27th, 2012

    In light of the recent conflict between Meek Mill and Jomo K. Johnson on The QDeezy Show [Hot 107.9 Philly], I reached out to Johnson and extended an invitation for him to be a guest on the Real Rap radio show. He accepted and decided to call in to the show, which aired live on July 17th, on WWDB 860AM. The topic of this edition was Religion – Freedom or Bondage? and the question on the table was, “Is religion more divisive than it is unifying?”

    We asked Johnson some questions about his boycott against Meek Mill and during the conversation, which became quite tense, Johnson told us that Meek had just issued a public apology on July 16th, as a result of this boycott.

    Infuriating – to say the least.

    I’m not anti-Religion. I’m not anti-Bible. I’m not anti-Christian. If I’m “anti” anything, I would say that I’m anti-abuse of power and influence. I’m anti-use the Bible and the name of Jesus to suit your own personal agenda. It is irresponsible and reprehensible to use your position in the church to facilitate a campaign of personal condemnation, all in the name of the Lord.

    Jomo K. Johnson – Just WHO does this guy think he is? Under the guise of being a soldier for Christ, crusading to exalt the name of Jesus, Johnson attacked the character and livelihood of a booming young urban professional. When I look at Meek Mill, I see a young man who has: 1) worked diligently to build a successful business, 2) used his influence to encourage the youth to pursue their dreams and 3) has given back to his community.

    When people hear the name Jomo K. Johnson, they will not associate his name with a meaningful ministry, or some astounding work in the community. Instead Johnson’s reputation will be built on his effort to damage the character of another man. Johnson will be remembered for what he TOOK, not what he GAVE.

    As a church pastor, he is supposed to demonstrate the love of God, and his mission is supposed to be to bring people to Christ. Perhaps Johnson’s ministry would have had a better impact if he had concentrated his efforts on working with this influential young man to do something positive for the community. An amicable approach to address his concerns for the use of the terms “Amen” “Preach” and “Church” may have ultimately led to a collaborative campaign to reach the youth. Instead, what we saw was referred to by some media outlets as a “Holy War” and a “Battle.” This would have been a great “teachable moment”, and opportunity to work alongside Meek Mill to educate the young men that he SAYS he wants to “SAVE”. Instead, Johnson chose to be judge, jury and executioner – prompting a public apology by Meek Mill. Now the good pastor gets to say, “I forgive you young man. And I know that Jesus does too.” Somehow, he feels vindicated, as if he’s won a point for “Team Jesus.”

    Wrongo Jomo. You can’t save a thousand souls, by ostracizing one.

    Holding the title of “Pastor” does not automatically make one qualified as a Leader. And I challenge the suitability of a person who uses this position to “break down”, when in fact, they should be “building up”.

    Well, at least he got plenty of press. Maybe this will help him to sell his latest book “Deadest Rapper Alive: The Rise of Lil’ Wayne and the Fall of Urban Youth”

    Answering the question of whether or not religion is more divisive than it is unifying, Johnson is still on the attack and moving things right along to: divide and conquer – in the name of Jesus & Hip Hop, respectively. The Jomo K. Johnson promotional campaign speaks for itself.

    To Meek Mill: I respect you. I respect your craft. I respect your passion. But most of all, I respect that you have NOT forgottenPhiladelphia, and the youth. I respect that you understand and have outwardly “SHOWN” the genuine characteristics of a positive role model – in the way that YOU know how to.

    If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.
    ~ John Quincy Adams

    Love, peace, and continued success to you!
    Katrena, Follow me @KatrenaNP