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Who do you think Meek Mill should work with for his debut album?

  • Posted on August 09th, 2012

    We've already heard of a Nas collabo on a track called "Maybach Curtains" that is suppose to make the album. I would love to see a DMX track make the cut a well, that would be classic. Who else would make for a hot feature?


Jourdan10's picture

Kendrick Lamar.

deathtorealtalent's picture

u need to stop being a poser. Stop doing music w peeps bc they famous like Rake, Lil Skater boi, and Shitty Minaj do music w people whom are good Beanie, Pedi, Nas, Chris, Jada, stop selling yourself stop being a sell out bc they are heavily endorsing you. Also I NEVER see u in phily either volunteering or doing outreach for the youth... you dont care about your city JUSTLIKEEVERYOTHERRAPPER. make a difference. Also I member when all ur fans WERE undergroung white college students dont forget2re

reymao's picture

What you need to do is join the two best rappers in the game: meek mill and lil wayne. That's how you do a hit song.

Seif Juventino's picture

Rick Ross , French Montana , Lil wayne , Drake , Dr Dre , chris brown , birdman

happybutterflyik's picture

Jay Z Mary J Jadakiss Nas Eve

happybutterflyik's picture

JayZ,Mary J,Jadakiss

BDotSlipp's picture

If I don't see Kendrick Lamar, Logic, Frank Ocean, or J. Cole, I'll be highly dissappointed