Who do you think Meek Mill should work with for his debut album?

Who do you think Meek Mill should work with for his debut album?

Posted on August 09th, 2012

We've already heard of a Nas collabo on a track called "Maybach Curtains" that is suppose to make the album. I would love to see a DMX track make the cut a well, that would be classic. Who else would make for a hot feature?

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Kendrick Lamar.

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u need to stop being a poser. Stop doing music w peeps bc they famous like Rake, Lil Skater boi, and Shitty Minaj do music w people whom are good Beanie, Pedi, Nas, Chris, Jada, stop selling yourself stop being a sell out bc they are heavily endorsing you. Also I NEVER see u in phily either volunteering or doing outreach for the youth... you dont care about your city JUSTLIKEEVERYOTHERRAPPER. make a difference. Also I member when all ur fans WERE undergroung white college students dont forget2re

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What you need to do is join the two best rappers in the game: meek mill and lil wayne. That's how you do a hit song.

Rick Ross , French Montana , Lil wayne , Drake , Dr Dre , chris brown , birdman

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Jay Z Mary J Jadakiss Nas Eve

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JayZ,Mary J,Jadakiss

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If I don't see Kendrick Lamar, Logic, Frank Ocean, or J. Cole, I'll be highly dissappointed

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