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So Sophisticated remix

  • Posted on September 22nd, 2012

    so sophisticated, my flows are like weezys just reformulated, like the syrup in my cup it’s so liquidated, im leaning but that's understated, yo girl a groupie she gave us all head, we call her decapitated
    my nigga we so sophisticated,
    blowin perks just to get that medicated, I got the scripts for those that are dehydrated. Call em fish cause they are all baited

    To push for me you must be initiated, pull a lick with the niggas and have no altercations, push a brick with no altercations dump all the scripts with no hesitations, we call that the dedication. She So sophisticated she suck a nigga dick an she won’t spit, we fuck her till her pussy rips, yeah we call that the pussy split, me an my niggas call her swallow tip an all my gun’s got the hallow tip , we got the shrooms but I never trip, so don’t come to close if you don’t want to lose a hip, my shotty comes through rippin your body like Katrina in new Orleans. Huhh I’m so sophisticated, so you kno I gotta rep my country take it to bigger heights, so I took a flight from New Zealand
    Im so sophisticated that I have a dream to be the best, believe I stay strapped with that vest cause they tryna get at me n i need the money to support my team, that’s my fam so fuck with them you must be intoxicated, ill kill you watch you bleed out till your deflated So just don’t instigate it. Makin money is my occupation, fuck with that is a means of life an death. Fuck with me an ill take yo breathe, Cutta nigga up leavin him soundin like gudda gudda with no esophagus, fuckin with mmg will be a plus, cause im twenty with no entry to the game, im just chasin my dream, tha fame. Dreamchasing since 92

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