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shades ...

  • Posted on May 06th, 2014

    Shades on your face hide what you need to see
    dazy things put away you need brightening
    heard on the radio that you're depressed
    just address you're fears let god do the rest
    best friends for life it's what you wanted
    he was taken now your dreams are haunted
    sitting in your room thinking of the past
    I can only promise all the bad won't last

    the world is falling the world is crumbling
    falling through the cracks slowly tumbling
    pick it up and hold it together
    don't make it be like this forever

    verse 2:
    cold sweat when you sleep
    you're runnin and there's blood on your feet
    can you talk no your voice is gone
    cry out no one would hear this is wrong
    in this alone you need a friend
    you won't take me in to lend a hand
    can I be your doctor and just help out
    cuz the closer I get the more I doubt
    are you worth the trouble you cause me
    you're the one fallin can't you see
    if you'd let me I'd catch you
    help you see what is really true
    since what's happened has happened
    you been left here staggerin
    I help balance you out
    just beleive and no doubt
    one word is all I need
    for you to stop and put away the weed
    what kept y'all strong when your daddy left?
    what got her goin to do her best?
    I'm not gonna lie the truths can hide
    run away and take your pride
    but I'll stay here and only wait
    I can't make you do anything when your in that state
    love is the word if i can remember
    that's what held y'all together through thin and thinner
    Jack be numb Jack was to quick
    you're runnin back I knew my words would stick

    the world is falling the world is crumbling
    falling through the cracks slowly tumbling
    pick it up and hold it together
    don't make it be like this forever

    verse 3:
    I hold your hand walk through the steps
    pace yourself and don't forget
    youre special they call you a survivor
    you were fallin cuz they couldn't revive her
    you remember all the good both of u had
    I know you got frustrated I know you got mad
    you'll see her in your past life she ain't gone
    don't forget who she was you called her mom

    the world was falling the world was crumbling
    falling through the cracks slowly tumbling
    you picked it up and held it together
    you knew it couldnt be like this forever


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