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The Revolution and Evolution of Software Testing

  • Posted on June 21st, 2014

    What it means for Businesses and Software Test Professionals
    Exponential growth is nothing new in the Information Technology industry. The relatively short history of IT is rife with revolution. Think the microchip, super computers, power PC chips, the personal computer, the World Wide Web, Artificial Intelligence and so on. All have had transformative effects on people and businesses.
    And over the last decade the Software Testing service, is evolving into a critical component for businesses to succeed and an opportunity for the best and the brightest to carve out exciting and rewarding careers.
    The Old Paradigm.
    It was not that many years ago that the software tester was a minor player in the software development process. In fact, 20 or so years ago, it was not even considered a discipline in its own right. The essential role of software testing and software testers was to capture bugs in developers' code, a process predominantly performed manually.
    The process itself was routine and repetitive, nothing more than following and repeating a set of written directions formulated out of the application's requirements. With an emphasis on metrics and templates, it was a non-intellectual approach to the business process. In IT's infancy, it was often the developer himself who took responsibility for debugging his own code. To avoid this obvious conflict of interest, it later became a common practice to separate the testing phase from the development phase. This often meant assigning this task to junior members of the IT staff, an effort to cut expense and allocate the bulk of the system budget to development.
    In a multi-phased system development life cycle, testing was relegated a time slot just before software product launch. Considered less essential than the design and development phases of the project, the testing phase was often prone to scheduling squeezes towards the end of the project. As a result, testers were often answerable for the quality issues that surfaced after product release.
    The New Paradigm.
    The tremendous growth of the internet has and is increasingly transforming the face of business. And its emergence has created exciting new avenues and potential for business growth and profit. In this internet age, web-based applications have become the way customers, both within and outside an organization, interact with the business.
    At the same time, this


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