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Phil Blount/ Pullout ATL radio

  • Posted on July 30th, 2013

    Atlanta radio circuit possesses the notoriety of breaking some of the hottest underground and hip-hop artists in the game today. Unsigned and independent talents the world over will confess, if you can make it on ATL air, you can make it anywhere.
    Out come 2 New England lyricists relatively unknown to most of us in the ATL, but has been buzzing the streets in hip-hop's most concentrated areas for years. NGMC's Phil Blount joins MCM's Pullout with a fun-driving, exhilarating calypso orientated hip-hop collaboration chart topping local ATL radio for weeks. Still asking, what's hot for summer? Listen to Sic ft: Phil Blount- Pullout on digital distribution and hear what's popping off the clubs every weekend.