New Track- "House Party" Off The Upcoming Mixtape

New Track- "House Party" Off The Upcoming Mixtape

Posted on August 11th, 2011

Meek Mill's Dream Chasers mixtape is almost here! Get a taste of what's to come before it drops on August 11th and download the lastest track "House Party" now!

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Meek feelin ya flow..lovin ya artists we got to hustle..but dam it come point in time where niggas lose hope...look im not lookin for no hand outs...juz askin fa 3 minns of ya time..maybe you could be da one datll change my life...and man i kno wed make millions..i aint snd you no mixtape..just one song id like for to hop on..i sent it to iono if u even get on dis and read ya comments..but shit i cant think of nuttin else but to go ddirectly to da source..real nigga to real nigga..philly to a nigga out -Krumah S

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