New Meek Mill / Dream Chasers T-Shirts Available Now!

New Meek Mill / Dream Chasers T-Shirts Available Now!

Posted on October 24th, 2011

Meek Mill and Ecko Clothing bring you the brand new "Dream Chasers" line. Check out all the various Dream Chasers styles on sale right now. Shop Here!

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Im A Big Fan of Yours

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'Ransom' (Original version)
“Comical lyrics I’ve written about makaveli”

(If 2pac had a set of balls...
this is what he'd say)
I'm 2pac! I'm 2pac!
everybody’s running around like : “yo 2 dudes got shot”,
I faked my death,
I was equipped with a bullet proof vest,
I was riding in that whip with Suge it was a B.M.W. black.and it was blessed,
I left the las vegas cops to clean up my mess,
las vegas is crooked as fu** on the take and holy sh** I just faked my death!,
how this all worked out? I never had a plan sh**.I just guessed,
I bought out all of the media outlets,
and gave them a story about my death,
see! there I just confessed!,
I got away with it too because I've got a whole bunch of dirt on the u.s. government
involving weed.cocaine.heroin.and meth,
I'm hiding out in brockton mass and aaron is my fu**ing alias,
this is as close to coming back as I can get I'm sorry
but anything more will have me under arrest,
as far as this conspiracy theory goes - what a fu**ing mess!,
" I packed a 9 last year in 99 I'm packing 2 now ",
I'm back I left a clue here and there but only a few were like :
“ew wow!'

By 1josephjohn
© 2011 1josephjohn (All rights reserved)

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