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The most Valuable Seconds of my life

  • Posted on August 15th, 2012

    All i have is 40 dollars to my name.. The last income im probably gone get in a while... Aside from the Bottles that i take to the store for a couple of bucks.. Two if i press, my luck.. dealing with probation.. Got me in the stystem. Now i owe a Lotta bucks... What's forty dollars gone do.? Now i have to go pick my ticket up.. Im using my last for this concert. I have a good feeling about this.. My dreams are worth more than my reality.

    I need this for my family Im Tired of living off of Security. And Food Stamps. Let the Government Tell it.. ''Well at least my stomach's full.'' The Things i have been through. At my age.. So far Most grown man haven't had the chance to walk in my shoes.. Coming from a kid who never had shit to claim but a name.. Never knew my father..but when we met he burnt the bridges. By Tampering with one of my beloved jews. Middle Sis.. The one that dosent have it all.. Screws loose as the Government would say... And the trial gose on...why wouldn't i buy those tickets..? My Story has to be told... Very clever rapper. nice melodies of a earth tone voice. Learning singer.