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Meek n' Jomo Situation

  • Posted on July 24th, 2012

    Yo Meek,
    Let me share my heart about that whole situation with Jomo and "amen". I'm gonna start by saying that I am a "christian" and I apologize if you feel attacked or anything less than loved by "us". I understand if you don't even wanna read any more of this blog. Secondly let me say that I'm not taking sides... not yours, not Jomo's. I just wanna be real bout how I feel. So after hearing the interview, I feel like I kinda understand where you are coming from. You sound like a pretty nice guy. You are dishing out coats, shoes, and cash for the less fortunate. That's awesome, I don't even do that and I'm a christian. I have no doubt that you have positively impacted thousand of people's lives through your generosity. Thanks for that, seriously, keep on doin' it! So knowing that you do a lot for the less fortunate I can understand why you felt attacked and "judged". Now I have no idea where you stand spiritually Meek, and since I don't know if you are a professed christian it's not my place to judge you. James 4:12 says that God will be your judge. So leave it at that! Jomo's concern seemed to be the content of your song. You took a Holy thing and made it into a song about worldly thing, and yes, christians will be offended. But that shouldn't stop us from loving you. Because the fact of the matter is that we all die, and regardless of whether some of your lyrics were offensive, I want to hang with you in heaven. Jomo's heart was right, he wants to see you livin' for God, as do I. Because in the end God has to judge us for our actions. And no matter how many good things we've done (like all your generosity), God will still judge us for our sins. So unless you've lived a perfect life, your screwed. But God had serious enough love for us to die and take away the judgement. So it's a matter of accepting God's sacrifice, which will lead you live for him. You could die tomorrow Meek, are you ready for what's after this life? Don't wait until it's too late. I wanna see you up there with me. Hit me up if this makes you mad, or confused, or if you have any questions. So once again, sorry if you felt singled out and attacked by Jomo... it's not our place to judge others outside the Church. Anyway, hope somehow you read this. It's really important, it's eternity man. Just wanted to show some love, have a good one.