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How many first week units do you predict Dreams & Nightmares will sell?

  • Posted on August 09th, 2012

    Meek Millys Dreams & Nightmares album is gonna be THEE most highly anticipated album of the year, when it finally gears up for its release in my opinion. How well do you guys think it will do? Below are first week sales for other artists debut albums.

    -----------50 Cent - "Get Rich or Die Tryin" 872K
    ----------DMX - "Its Dark and Hell Is Hot" - 250K
    --------------Nicki Minaj - "Pink Friday" - 371K
    --------------Drake - "Thank Me Later" - 462K
    ---------Wiz Khalifa - "Rolling Papers" - 191K


dannyboy's picture

I'm gonna go out on a limb and say 315K .