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  • Posted on October 23rd, 2013

    I had just completed my lecture, "Overcoming the Fears of Success," to a group of professional women. I looked lovingly into her eyes and replied, "I suggest that you set a goal. A well-dressed lady approached me at the podium.
    "What you said is wonderful for these ladies, but I am 64 years old and I don't have a goal," said the elderly professional. It is important to have reasons to be alive."

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    aloe vera plantOf course you realize the irony in this feeling; no
    one else would want to experience diabetes so closely as to be
    diabetic. You can be an amateur expert and scoff at others' well-meaning

    Despite still-simmering personal rivalries, they all broadly concur that the Britpop bands grew out of a sense of exclusion from Thatcher's Britain; Oasis opted for raw escapism, while Blur and Pulp preferred biting commentary. Massive Attack's Robert Del Naja, meanwhile, seems non-plussed with the whole thing, the only person to suggest that Britpop wasn't as important as it thought it was.

    Director John Dower often plays it for laughs, which is no bad thing as the interviewees often hang themselves entertainingly, Spinal Tap-style. Yet despite the added firepower of middleweight cultural historian Jon Savage, Live Forever's sociological analysis is strictly GCSE.

    Things improve when a genuine obstacle to Jesse and Celeste's hitherto tediously inevitable reunion appears, morphing the film into a vision of LA ennui a la Greenberg, Passenger Side or the upcoming Nobody Walks.
    This is a romcom without the 'rom', but also, largely, without the 'com'. Some of this is intentional, but an additional 10 per cent of the irritation results from cutesy jokes that don't work.

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