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Dream Chasers: Nothing to Something

  • Posted on August 02nd, 2012

    We are 2 females who grew up in a rough neighborhood/environment and we’ve seen just about it all, thinking we would be a product of our environment we decided to break the cycle. We have yet to achieve our dreams but everyday we dream chase day by day we work hard and do everything we can to accomplish our goals.
    The point of “Dream Chasers: From Nothing to Something” is to show people that there are other people in better and worse situations no matter what their situation is, and with a dream anything can be achieved.
    Everybody has goals everybody has a dream everybody has something that they want whether you are rich, poor, educated, uneducated, from the hood to hills everyone from anywhere can accomplish anything.
    Why did we decide to make a blog about this. Because sometimes people may feel like they cant accomplish what they want, they feel like they have already been dealt a shitty hand and there is nothing they can do to change it when in fact a dream, hard work and determination is all you need. And just because you might have failed a couple times you have to remember that you will fail your way to success.
    We will be posting daily
    Our Dream Chase Journey
    Real life stories with updates (no bogus stuff)
    Inspirational videos
    Stay Loyal to you, and follow your dreams
    #DreamChasers: Nothing to something
    special thanks to @MeekMill for being such a motivator

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