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Check me out ?

  • Posted on August 08th, 2012

    I recently e-mailed meek to do a verse for my song....waiting for a response... people in my small city tell me i can make it and thats what i chose to reach for.... when i actually started listening to Rozay it made me like MMG then when i first heard Meek immediately he turned into my fav artist.. . now that i possibly have a chance with doing a actual song with him is a blessing... He is from philly im from Cincinnati ... those are pretty close maybe 3-4 hrs... but here is my link for my song please watch... SEND ALL YA HATE b/c ik its coming::::: PS: this is my first recorded song and listen to what i say.... i tell myself everyday that this is my worst verse ever wrote , plus i wrote it in 32 minutes.... SO PICTURE WHEN I ACTUALLY GET TO SIT DOWN AND THINK ABOUT IT.... BTW IM Birchie (1st verse) verse 2 is my friend....