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  • Posted on October 23rd, 2013

    Dear All Members and Meek Mill

    My name is Lebzito, I'm from South Africa. I have been watching most of your bike life video's on Youtube. I have always wanted to ride dirtbikes, even race dirtbikes in the regions and nationals. Its very difficult for a person of color to get into this type of sport without support. I have tried, with little to no success. I saw you were running a competition for the best trick to win your 2012 Dirtbike. Is it possible to donate a dirtbike with the protective gear, so that I can live my dream of becaming a champion. I know its a long short to ask for help. Its better to knock on that unsuspecting door, it might just open for you. If anyone is willing to help me or more info you can reach me on my personal email,