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  • Check me out ?
    Posted By Birchie | Aug 08,2012
    I recently e-mailed meek to do a verse for my song....waiting for a response... people in my small city tell me i can make it and thats what i chose to reach for.... when i actually started listening to Rozay it made me like MMG then when i first heard Meek immediately he turned into my fav artist...
  • Ayee ! MMG Bitch !
    Posted By JhayyMMGVarela | Aug 06,2012
    My People Do It Bigg In TAMPA FLORIDA ! But Not As Bigg Ass Meek Doinn It Fo Philly ! MMG ! # Dream CHASERS AND NIGHTMARES > ? IM On DAT ! GodFORGIVES And IDont ? IGot DAT ! Fuck Witta Chico ! MMG ! Bihhh !
  • need help to get rap careere started
    Posted By frederico | Aug 03,2012
    im ty=ryin to start rappin but i dont know were to start
  • Dream Chasers: Nothing to Something
    Posted By CeeMilly | Aug 02,2012
    We are 2 females who grew up in a rough neighborhood/environment and we’ve seen just about it all, thinking we would be a product of our environment we decided to break the cycle. We have yet to achieve our dreams but everyday we dream chase day by day we work hard and do everything we can to...
  • Wrongo Jomo
    Posted By realrapkat | Jul 27,2012
    In light of the recent conflict between Meek Mill and Jomo K. Johnson on The QDeezy Show [Hot 107.9 Philly], I reached out to Johnson and extended an invitation for him to be a guest on the Real Rap radio show. He accepted and decided to call in to the show, which aired live on July 17th, on WWDB...
  • Meek n' Jomo Situation
    Posted By MizzyMak | Jul 24,2012
    Yo Meek, Let me share my heart about that whole situation with Jomo and "amen". I'm gonna start by saying that I am a "christian" and I apologize if you feel attacked or anything less than loved by "us". I understand if you don't even wanna read any more of this blog. Secondly let me say that I'...
  • yo meek mill fanso enchante-
    Posted By sib_25 | Jul 13,2012
    hi meek mill fans have a nice day! :)