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    Posted By Bri_Triniece | Aug 29,2012
    I L O V E D Meek Mill movie Streets he played his part good
  • Ughh !
    Posted By Beauty Tay | Aug 27,2012
    Now I knw why I havent got anything yet or heard from @Superglued ! My sister didn't send off my postcard to the Sweepskates office .:-( I wanna cry && the concert is tomorrow !!! I thought it was cause I wasn't tweeting enough but I have a feeling nobody really from NYC entered so I will...
    Posted By Alissha MissJer... | Aug 26,2012
    What up meek, Im from Newark but i been in fla for a grip now. You already know the music difference, but long story short, THANKS. For what you do and stayn Philly all day. I be bangin mad tracks from u and ya clan hard as shit!!! These southern nigga s be hatin on my ass mad hard lol.. I guess...
  • Team Virgo !
    Posted By Beauty Tay | Aug 26,2012
    Birthday coming up ! Not that Hype but I made it to see another Year what's better than that .
  • The best feeling so Far .
    Posted By Beauty Tay | Aug 26,2012
    Got my tickets For the #dreamsandnightmarestour Monday August 27th NYC !!! I can't wait ! I signed up with Superglued to Win 2Vip Ticket to be Meekmill Special Guest . I did everything they Asked Still no Tickets . I was Going in on Twitter lol couldnt Wait any longer before they sale out So I...
  • imjs
    Posted By Saleemah18 | Aug 17,2012
    Ride or die" = The highest level of loyalty you will ever find in a person ! # Im bout' that ♥ !
  • The most Valuable Seconds of my life
    Posted By CharmAkal | Aug 15,2012
    All i have is 40 dollars to my name.. The last income im probably gone get in a while... Aside from the Bottles that i take to the store for a couple of bucks.. Two if i press, my luck.. dealing with probation.. Got me in the stystem. Now i owe a Lotta bucks... What's forty dollars gone do.? Now i...
  • What are your top 3 songs off Dreamchasers 2?
    Posted By dannyboy | Aug 09,2012
    Easily. Mine are -Ready Or Not -Burn -Outro
  • Who do you think Meek Mill should work with for his debut album?
    Posted By dannyboy | Aug 09,2012
    We've already heard of a Nas collabo on a track called "Maybach Curtains" that is suppose to make the album. I would love to see a DMX track make the cut a well, that would be classic. Who else would make for a hot feature?
  • How many first week units do you predict Dreams & Nightmares will sell?
    Posted By dannyboy | Aug 09,2012
    Meek Millys Dreams & Nightmares album is gonna be THEE most highly anticipated album of the year, when it finally gears up for its release in my opinion. How well do you guys think it will do? Below are first week sales for other artists debut albums. -----------50 Cent - "Get Rich or Die...