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  • meek mill
    Posted By lil bklyn | Aug 29,2012
    Rapper Meek Mill movie Streets has been premiered last night on BET if you did not see it you should because the movie tells you a lot about meek and his struggles in philly and on the streets
    Posted By Bri_Triniece | Aug 29,2012
    I L O V E D Meek Mill movie Streets he played his part good
  • Ughh !
    Posted By Beauty Tay | Aug 27,2012
    Now I knw why I havent got anything yet or heard from @Superglued ! My sister didn't send off my postcard to the Sweepskates office .:-( I wanna cry && the concert is tomorrow !!! I thought it was cause I wasn't tweeting enough but I have a feeling nobody really from NYC entered so I will...
    Posted By Alissha MissJer... | Aug 26,2012
    What up meek, Im from Newark but i been in fla for a grip now. You already know the music difference, but long story short, THANKS. For what you do and stayn Philly all day. I be bangin mad tracks from u and ya clan hard as shit!!! These southern nigga s be hatin on my ass mad hard lol.. I guess...
  • Team Virgo !
    Posted By Beauty Tay | Aug 26,2012
    Birthday coming up ! Not that Hype but I made it to see another Year what's better than that .
  • The best feeling so Far .
    Posted By Beauty Tay | Aug 26,2012
    Got my tickets For the #dreamsandnightmarestour Monday August 27th NYC !!! I can't wait ! I signed up with Superglued to Win 2Vip Ticket to be Meekmill Special Guest . I did everything they Asked Still no Tickets . I was Going in on Twitter lol couldnt Wait any longer before they sale out So I...
  • imjs
    Posted By Saleemah18 | Aug 17,2012
    Ride or die" = The highest level of loyalty you will ever find in a person ! # Im bout' that ♥ !
  • The most Valuable Seconds of my life
    Posted By CharmAkal | Aug 15,2012
    All i have is 40 dollars to my name.. The last income im probably gone get in a while... Aside from the Bottles that i take to the store for a couple of bucks.. Two if i press, my luck.. dealing with probation.. Got me in the stystem. Now i owe a Lotta bucks... What's forty dollars gone do.? Now i...
  • What are your top 3 songs off Dreamchasers 2?
    Posted By dannyboy | Aug 09,2012
    Easily. Mine are -Ready Or Not -Burn -Outro
  • Who do you think Meek Mill should work with for his debut album?
    Posted By dannyboy | Aug 09,2012
    We've already heard of a Nas collabo on a track called "Maybach Curtains" that is suppose to make the album. I would love to see a DMX track make the cut a well, that would be classic. Who else would make for a hot feature?